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Call unto me,

and I will answer thee,

and shew thee great and mighty things,

which thou knowest not. --Jeremiah 33:3 KJV

Friday, January 4, 2013

Nasty, True Rumors

There is this trend going on among my fellow classmates of 1991 that I don't approve of at all!  I've expressed my displeasure, my disappointment and my reasons why it is not the right time.  However, there is a nasty, true rumor that I'll soon be following the crowd.  Since death and extreme denial are my only other options....alas, soon I have no choice.  Rumor has it that most of my classmates have or will soon turn 40....maybe 2 score sounds better? No.... Maybe 4 decades? Not!....40 years old?  Just might as well just say "old".

I've never been good with aging.  Turning 23 was a bit of a crisis for me.  So was turning 25, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33...well, you get the idea.  Forty is especially hard for me because I remember my parents turning 40 and they were old!  They were my boring, out of touch, always responsible, old parents.  I wanted younger parents so bad.  I was a Freshman in high school and I thought these things!  Now folks, think about this, I have no hope...my youngest are 4 years old.  They will remember me turning 50!  FIFTY FOLKS!  I can barely admit that I might soon be FORTY.  Can you imagine how out of touch they will think I am?!

This is about how old I am in my mind..
not EXACTLY reality.
So I've been thinking about how to minimize the age of 40 and maximize the experience of being 40...I'm not jumping out of a plane, or bungee diving...but I'm going to turn 40 MY WAY!  No one is going to rush me into it.  I've decided that I need 40 days to adjust.  I am giving all my friends and acquaintances NOTICE that as of January 8th, I will start the 40 day process of turning 40.  I figure it took me a long time to get here so why dive right in!

For 40 days, I plan to do some things that I've always wanted to do to be my idea of the PERFECTLY WELL ROUNDED 40 year old.  I've always thought of 40 years old to be secure enough to now be generous and responsible in their community.  The perfect 40 year old is healthy with controlled weight and good exercise habits AND this is NOT me, but I'm going to try it for 40 days.  Lastly a 40 year old ought to know the Bible well.  We have had 40 years to use and misuse it.  I've always wanted to read the Bible through and I've come close, but never completed it in one run.  I will do it in 40 days.  Lastly, 40 year olds ought to have developed wisdom, discernment and restraint in an effort to encourage others.

I've discussed this with friends and I will blog my daily activities as I spend 40 days turning 40.  I will blog in four categories each day.

Community Responsibility

Now, my kids, my hubby and several thoughtful people want to know what I want for gifts this year.  I have thought hard about wants and needs and realized that I am blessed.  I thought about various others, individuals and groups, that I could help with true needs and I've decided that I'd like size 1, 2 and especially size 3 disposable diapers sent to the Children of the Promise orphanage/crisis nursery for my birthday.  I have pre-paid shipping and customs from Florida to Haiti.  During my celebration, you can ship from sites like Wal-Mart.com right to the airport hanger in Florida for less than a dollar.  Then my donation will carry your package the rest of the way to Haiti.  Please let me know if you send a box as I want to track how many boxes and thank you for your generous present.  The address is at the bottom of this blog entry.

You may wonder why not cloth diapers?  Disposable diapers are essential to stopping the spread of infections, worms, bacteria, virus like cholera and protecting the health of Haiti's most fragile infants and the orphanage laundry workers.  It is not like here in the USA where we can fully and safely sanitize cloth diapers.  Limits on clean hot water, man power, petro to run the generator; all are factors which make disposable diapers best for the most susceptible infants with HIV, sickle cell, malnourishment, etc.  I want to give some infants in need the best chance for their survival in a country where the much improved 2012 infant mortality rate is 52.44 per 1000 live births.  (BTW-The USA is 6 per 1000.)

Size 3 is the most needed size as it can
cover other sizes in a pinch

How to send 440 diapers for less
than $60

Shipping address for Diaper Packages:
Bud and Jan Bonnema
Agape Flights CAP–11952
100 Airport Ave 
Venice, FL 34285


  1. I turned 40 a few months ago, and there is no way around it, that number is hard to swallow. I consider myself in shape, go to the gym regularly, still turn heads, but that still didn't make me feel better about turning older.When I look in the mirror, I see an older face(even though ppl say I look early 30's) and my oldest is 17. Turning 30 was hard, but at least I could still pass for 21, and didn't LOOK old(ish) or have fine lines. I've never thought about it the way you put it...about the younger ones seeing us turn 50. UGH. Also I'd like to smack my mid 30 something friends everytime they say they can't wait until they turn 40, and I should get over it. I wish I could just get over it, lol. This is by far the hardest birthday that I've ''celebrated''. But hey it's better than the alternative and I'm going to make every day count..or at least try! Know you are not alone in dreading the big 40. LOL

  2. Box of diapers sent. ETA Wednesday, Jan 30.