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which thou knowest not. --Jeremiah 33:3 KJV

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

40: DAY 1

Hello Day #1 of being 40! (Now if only I was actually that excited about it!) 

Feeling a bit beat up by 40 this evening.

A busy day of work and appointments!  So it was fairly typical.  Hubby had taken me out on Friday night so Grace and I went to supper together at Del Rio this evening so I could have Fajitas that are diet friendly.  Then after my meeting the kids had cake waiting for me.  (Matt unfortunately had fallen asleep early on the floor so we saved him a piece of cake for tomorrow.)

Community Responsibility: 

This evening was an advisory council meeting.  Its a group that I was first appointed to before the first meeting on October 21, 2009.  As I sat in another meeting without a quorum, and we reviewed the same items needing done as in 2009, I just felt defeated!  This group is responsible to improving lives for real people with real issues.  The fact that nothing has been accomplished by the group in 3 years has it on my list of things that I may not continue to carry into my new decade.


So I went to my first TOPS meeting this morning to kick off the day.  TOPS stands for Taking Off Pounds Sensibly.  Oh my was it strange!  They have a pledge that assumes I'm an emotional eater.  I'm not...I just LOVE great tasting foods!  I can cook well and I appreciate great cooks and great food!  They have weight loss songs...yes, SONGS to well known tunes!  I thought I'd die as many got out their songbooks!  The members were old! Not that I'm sensitive to age today...I felt older just being there...NOT a good thing to feel OLDER on my birthday.  However, on the positive and less weird side.  They were welcoming and friendly.  The group seems to be very tight knit.  There are people there losing weight!  So I'm doing my 40 days as planned!  I'm going to weekly meetings; I'll pledge; I'll sing & I'll probably feel old in that group too, BUT maybe I'll lose weight too.

Then this afternoon I had a doctor appointment to just seal the deal that I'm old.  However, we also figured frightenly embarrassing things like BMI and that I'll be as old as those other ladies at my meeting this morning by the time I get to my goals (see wisdom).  Not a very uplifting experience.  Even made better by a follow-up scheduled for Thursday.


Well, on my first day of reading the Bible through and Genesis has so far proven to be too big of a chunck for today, especially with so much work to do at the office.  (But I'm not complaining, the extra work is great.)  So I'll keep reading and see if I can't get caught up in a few days.


I have set some goals for the next 40 days like reading the Bible through, getting boxes of diapers donated to Children of the Promise, and being more involved in my community.  However, for weight loss goals, I'm not sitting a number goal.  I haven't lived by the number on the scale in years and I don't plan to again. 
So my weight loss goals are as follows:
1.  Be able to wear my wedding ring again comfortably.  (With my arthritic hands, my weight may need to be lower than when I stopped wearing it to get it back on, but I'm going to try.)

2.  Be able to travel with my crutches on short trips such as in and out of a doctor office, library, or friends' homes.  (But no stupid excessive stuff that causes falls and injuries.)

3.  To be able to reduce and potentially eliminate my high blood pressure medicine and to avoid further health damage.

4.  To buy and wear clothing that are not in a plus size store.

5.  To have more energy, more endurance and more strength than I did for most of my thirties!

On to day 2 of turning 40 tomorrow....

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