Favorite "Meditation of My Heart"

Call unto me,

and I will answer thee,

and shew thee great and mighty things,

which thou knowest not. --Jeremiah 33:3 KJV

Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 35: Another Weigh In Day Eve

Yes, tomorrow is weigh in day and as usual I'm starting to worry about a number on a scale, that so many reminded me last week, really shouldn't matter.  However, for me, the number is important because it is my proof to myself that this is working so as usual I'm wondering if I should have done more exercise or ate more lean meats...I'm kind of tired of fish and chicken.

Tonight I made two 3 pound Mediterranean pork tenderloin and served them on a bed of seasoned mustard greens and drizzled with balsamic reduction.  Then I served whole grain brown rice as side.  It was all so tasty, but if the scales are not kind tomorrow, then I'm thinking that I should have had baked fish again.

Nate fell asleep with the remote in his hand last night.  I had to laugh at his grip on it even while he was sleeping.

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