Favorite "Meditation of My Heart"

Call unto me,

and I will answer thee,

and shew thee great and mighty things,

which thou knowest not. --Jeremiah 33:3 KJV

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Work & Blessings

We decided it was time for me to get back to work and pick up some odd jobs....yes, obviously there is no work to do at home...joking. However, we decided that we both better start picking up some extras so we can get the budget healthier more quickly.

Today was my first home visit day and it was not great. 95 degrees by 9am and I was visiting families without air conditioning. I ended up coming home and sneaking a nap before we celebrated Jon's birthday tonight. However, today has me ready to start teaching "air conditioned" college classes again on the 9th! I was dreading starting to teach so early in August, but today cured my dread!

In the mail today was two blessings. One was my teaching paycheck arrived two weeks early...yes! The other was a much appreciated gift to help with expenses, which means gas for the Prius for this week's clinic visits (in Little Rock tomorrow & St. Louis Thursday) is covered without reducing our recovering budget.

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