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Monday, July 14, 2014

July Review #3: Riccar Vacuum

This product is made in the USA!  That is rare these days and this vacuum is even made right here in Missouri.

Our vacuum cleaner is a Riccar that we got used.  It has been very durable and is affordable to get repaired.  In 7 years, the only repairs have been to replace a filter and the power cord.  With my wheelchair, I am tough on power cords because they catch under my wheels and before I realize it, I yanked on the cord until it pulls loose while I am vacuuming.

Previously we have had a Singer, a Kenmore, and a Hoover.  Each of these lasted less than 5 years and eventually had poor suction. 

The Riccar picks up dirt on carpet exceptionally well.  However, it does not do well on solid surfaces like hardwood.  There are lots of attachments and the only design problem is that the hose to connect the attachments is 2" off the ground so it requires being able to reach the ground to use the attachments.  However, it you need exercise, this vacuum keeps you caught up on toe touches!  It is not a lightweight design and it is not fun to use on stairs, but it can be done.

Once again my reviews are not paid reviews.  They are just based on our family's use of the product.

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