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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Review #1: Skillets

In the past 25 years, I have probably had 8 to 10 skillets come, get worn out and go.  Some were cheap sets and some were expensive brands.  However, I have one skillet that has lasted for over 20 years and if you read my blog, you can already guess what brand it is...Lodge Cast Iron.
The crack:  After 20 years of heavy use, and Lodge
replaced this griddle free of charge.
To be fair, I must explain that my Lodge Cast Iron flat skillet 90G recently developed a crack after 20 years, but the outcome has me even more impressed with Lodge.  I contacted the company and they explained that they do not have a written warranty, but they stand behind all their products.  A week later a new 90G griddle arrived at my house!  (I am pretty sure that Lodge paid more to ship it to me than I paid for the skillet over 20 years ago.)

Some of you may be saying, I hate cast iron because it sticks and when cooking eggs, I agree!  (I have never gotten eggs done to my satisfaction without using a lot of oil.)  However, with the exception of eggs, I have found that keeping my skillet seasoned is the secret to great non-stick cooking in cast iron skillets. I oil the skillet after each wash and complete a full heated seasoning about once a month. Here is a link to how I keep my cast iron seasoned.

By the way, for the best pizza crust ever, make a pizza in a cast iron griddle or skillet, but you may never use your pizza pan again!!!  There are even cast iron pizza pans. 

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