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Call unto me,

and I will answer thee,

and shew thee great and mighty things,

which thou knowest not. --Jeremiah 33:3 KJV

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm tired...(Actually I was tired in June 2011)

Have you ever been exhausted?  Maybe you needed a break and no one was cooperating and then your hubby did something stupid or maybe a couple somethings?  Well, below in green is an entry that I never published from June 2011.  I put it in green because I was GREEN with envy when I wrote it.  I was envious of well rested, vacationed, and not financially stressed families!  I was STRESSED and my hubby spent our "just us-get away vacation" fund to put Invisalign on Corrine's teeth without exactly discussing it with me.  Then hubby went to Dallas, TX for 14 days of debate tournaments and teachers meetings without telling me about his decision on Corrine's teeth.  I find out and I "get to" write the check while he is gone.  He has been home 2 days when I write this entry in GREEN.

Now some folks think Mr. Workman and I NEVER fuss.  We are always happy with each other and I know a few of you reading this have said that I would never understand wanting to strangle my hubby.  Let me assure you, most of us have had days like the one below.

June 26, 2011  Do you ever get so tired and so worn out that you are pretty sure you will never feel any different?  I'm afraid I have crossed the line from perpetually tired to exhausted, ready to give up tired and depressed that I never get a break.  So I look for things to give up or the throw over board....Give up what?  I'm not sure...I love teaching, working seems required to pay the bills and being THE mom is a permanent gig so I'm not sure what to throw overboard, but I have some good ideas and some not so good ideas!

I mention to some that I need a break and I'm told that "You decided to have all those children."  So obviously they don't want to help or want to punish me for having so many great kids...I'm not sure.  Either way,  they are missing the point that I have had 3 full nights of sleep since October 4, 2009 and I'd like to try nights 4 and 5 consecutively while being away from the many stresses in life.

My hubby is probably my greatest source of help and my greatest source of work.  He wants to be helpful, but he just doesn't seem to want to be completely helpful.  For example, that I'm sure many wives can relate to, he let me nap today, but I get up to a sink overflowing with dishes, no supper, and all the work that was already there when I laid down is still waiting on me.  I have BEGGED for us to take time away, but he won't set the dates and doesn't want to spend the money.  I understand being tight, but his choice of putting Corrine's braces before my mental health is probably not the best choice he has ever made.

I am so glad those feelings of exhaustion have come and gone several times quickly, but I thought I would post this now as a reminder to my hubby (who rarely reads my blog, but our oldest kid does) that our tax return will be here in less than 20 days so maybe he should be planning a mini-vacation for us!  However, I know that mini-vacations are only temporary refreshment and for sustaining strength I must seek it through the Lord who has been most generous in giving me the strength to meet the needs of the family He designed for us.

My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength
of my heart, and my portion for ever. ~~Psalm 73:26

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  1. thank you SOOOOOO much for posting.....the nap waking up to blech is very familiar in so many ways....