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which thou knowest not. --Jeremiah 33:3 KJV

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Things I Don't Waste My Time on (so we are wasting $$$)

20 piece McNuggets for $4.99, frozen dough bread/rolls, frozen pie shells, frozen pizza & Happy Hour Sonic Drinks...these are some of my money wasting vices. 

It is simply too easy to get 4 pre-schoolers silent in the car with a 20 pack of nuggets!  I make homemade bread 3-4 times a year, but the simple, no mess, thaw and bake is my all too regular "cheating friend"....sure I pay $1.75 per loaf & I could make it for $.65, but it is worth the extra for the mess to not be on my counter within reach of lots of little hands.  The same is the reason for my love of frozen pie shells.  My kids LOVE homemade pizza, but I love 16 minutes to one minimally dirty pan and lunch is served.   Finally, who can pass up crushed ice drinks, especially for a dollar.  I'm fairly sure that we spend $12-15 per week on drinks with crushed ice.  Isn't that crazy?!

Well, you may wonder why I'm thinking that convenience is wasteful?  I'll be honest.  I'm trying to open up room in the budget for more savings and more giving.  So many friends and family are struggling with the higher prices, cut backs at work, layoffs and the costs of utilities and car maintenance.  For one friend in college, she seems to be "freaking out" over if she can afford coffee.  Another friend is facing utility shut offs every month as she makes tough decisions and is cutting the budget as close she dare to still have gas money.  These situations and more have me thinking that it is time to trim the excess waste, sort & sell the unused "stuff" that junks up the house and be in a better position financially myself so I can help others.  I'm REALLY re-evaluating needs and wants, treats and excessive "treats", $ makers and $ wasters.

I had eye opening experiences recently when a couple friends needed groceries. I have always tried to keep some extra groceries in case someone had a need and I was surprised how quickly those few supplies could be depleted. It really made me also re-evaluate our emergency supplies for a family our size. My inventory of foods revealed that I needed to do more stocking up for myself and for others, but I need to do this within my current budget. Suddenly gifts of beef from my folks, venison from Cousin Carl, and coupons and sales and menu planning are becoming even more important in the Workman household. I'm sure by March when I blog about "Made in March", there will be even more diverse recipes and crazy money saving projects!

Some of the hardest things to financially evaluate is things for the kids.  I recently splurged and bought Grace things she needed to update her new room to a teen room.  Grandma painted the walls and we repainted furniture to meet the new look, but she still needs curtains and a blanket or bedspread and a new twin bed would be nice too since she is using my daybed from college.  It is so tempting to get the extras that would make a beautiful room, but that would not make good financial sense.  I realize that Grace is watching my choices and someday she will want all that we gave her at home so if we don't demonstrate how to live within limited means now without excessive splurges, then how can I expect her to make responsible decisions later.  This part of being an adult and a mom and a teacher to my kids is tough stuff!  (especially since it would be easy to justify spoiling one of my best helpers)

And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all,
 as every man had need. ~~Acts 2:45

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