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Call unto me,

and I will answer thee,

and shew thee great and mighty things,

which thou knowest not. --Jeremiah 33:3 KJV

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Awesome Friends

Today was such a nice relaxing, yet productive day!  My friends and their friends provided some wonderful amusement as they worked to get us votes in the Ecomom Facebook competition!  And as a BONUS everyone leaving comments made me feel even more overly BLESSED!

I was able to finish a "bunch" of stuff for the Family Reunion since I was at the computer today.  I got invitations, check lists, and maps finished.  I finished adoption post placement reports on 7 kids AND had time to visit through instant messenger!  And if my Monday night students are reading this....yes, I finished writing your test...I know you are relieved that it will be ready. ;)

Friends provided much amusement today as they worked to get Facebook friends to vote for us.  Glenda sat the Allan children on the task and they take tasks VERY seriously!  I don't think it was accidental that we moved from 4th to 3rd place within an hour or so of their being on the job, but when your family runs an orphanage in rural Ecuador on a tight & creative budget, well...let's just say those kids have the skills to do any job!

Doesn't he look great without his Oxygen?
We want more "cordless" time than just pictures.
We're hoping a healthier home can help.

Other friends went above and beyond with emails, tweets and phone calls to friends.  A cousin (who has replaced her dad as "My Favorite Cousin") had it put in her church's youth announcements AND assured me that I am not old, just because I can only handle one instant message conversation at a time. 

However, my favorite message of the day said, "I'm having trouble voting, my wife says I have to be your friend."  Luckily, after he became my friend he was able to follow the link and vote.  I better enjoy having him as a friend now because he'll probably unfriend me on Monday! ;)

Truly I feel wonderful knowing so many people care about our family.

Also so many have said such nice things about our family when they voted, but I am most proud of the TYPES of comments everyone is leaving.  All of the comments are about our family's love, care & awesomeness!  NO ONE has hit my pet peeve by talking about what our family is "missing".  As you know, some folks in this world see our family and think things OR even SAY things like "That poor woman in a wheelchair and then to have all those kids with problems".  Of course, nothing sets me off more than pity!  My kids do not have problems!  My kids have diverse abilities and are perfectly beautiful children in every way!  BUT the impressive thing is that ALL my friend and family "get it" and shared it in their comments and in their Facebook statuses.

I would argue with everyone saying we "deserve" this, but I'm feeling so extra blessed that people feel we are doing a good job with what the Lord has already blessed us with!  There are SO many deserving families asking for votes and we have been blessed with such a lovely home and such amazing kids that I feel selfish asking to make it better!  I must say, no matter if we win or not, this experience has been such a blessing and a boost!  Thank you to EVERYONE!  Have a HAPPY and blessed Easter!  Please vote for us one last time and enjoy a great day with your family!

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