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and I will answer thee,

and shew thee great and mighty things,

which thou knowest not. --Jeremiah 33:3 KJV

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Save money on prescriptions

Okay, I hate to admit that at my youthful age, I was checking out their web site, but www.aarp.org has some awesome tools to help save money on medicine.  I NEVER knew this until today.

The first tool that I was impressed with explains its function as the following:
" Have you ever wondered if the medication you’re taking is really the best one for your condition? Is there a less expensive, but equally effective medication you can use instead? Or is there a comparable drug with fewer side effects?  AARP’s Drug Savings Tool can help you get the most value for your prescription drugs and learn more about the medications you take."  My current pharmacist has saved us money when we switched from Walgreens by talking to our doctors about some adjustments, but it is good to know that I can easily access that type of information too.

The second tool that I was impressed with is a pill identifier. Now I know not every home is a mini-pharmacy like ours can be, especially during cold/flu/ear infection/strep throat seasons, but it seems there is always those mystery pills that are at the bottom of my pill bin or in my travel case.  This eliminates waste by letting me know what they are so I can still get the mystery pill used.  Since some medications in our home can cost over $5 per pill, even a couple reclaimed doses can REALLY add up!

Lastly, there are many programs from drug manufacturers, pharmacies, and organizations to help with the high costs of medicine.  Most of these programs are all located at a user-friendly web site at http://scpharmacist.net/ .  This is a pharmacist ran web site that gives credible information on all types of options when facing the challenges of obtaining medications within a budget. It has lots of links and is updated often.

A merry heart doeth good [like] a medicine:
but a broken spirit drieth the bones.
~~Proverbs 17:22

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