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Call unto me,

and I will answer thee,

and shew thee great and mighty things,

which thou knowest not. --Jeremiah 33:3 KJV

Saturday, March 19, 2011

What a week!

It all started Monday morning and the week has done its best to roll right over me.  So when I was trying to figure our what I made this week...well the only answer that came to mind was ..... MESSES!  Yep, it was that "good" of week! 

Pre-inflating the new MicKey button
to make sure it didn't leak before
putting it in Nate's side.

Monday morning 5am Mr. Workman went to connect Nate to his feeding tube while I was showering.  He soon discovered Nate's Mic-Key button (which is the part that goes through Nate's side and into his stomach) laying on the bed next to Nate.  It was dry so it had been out for awhile.  The hole for a feeding tube closes quickly, if the tube comes out...so needless to say PANIC ensued after this discovery.  We had some spare part such as a variety of sized catheters left from Jon's problems with his button, and we were able to get a smaller sized catheter in the hole to keep in from closing up more.  However, due to the awkwardness of the catheter and limits of what tape can hold, Nate kept pulling out the catheters!  Very stressful morning!  PLUS Ed's car was in the shop so he HAD to take a sick day so I would have a car to get Nate's new button.

So Monday was a wreck of a day,  Mr Workman and I got to put in Nate's new button ourselves at 2:30pm when the supplier finally found it.  We immediately hooked a VERY grouchy Nate to eat and he went to sleep.  We assumed our excitement for the week was over, but it was just starting!

To fast forward through the highlights, that evening we went to get the Prius from the garage and they would not accept our check because the check number was not printed in magnetic ink at the bottom of the check near the routing and account number.  The bank was already closed so we couldn't just go get cash.  No car until Wednesday afternoon!  Grace has the National Christian HomeSchool Basketball Championships playoffs in Springfield this week so I took her to grandma's before coming home and crashing in bed.

Anita at In His Image did take some
awesome new photos of Nate this week.

Tuesday:   Grace's team lost their first game of the Championship and the orthodontist found a cavity at her appointment today. Our babysitter for Wednesday had to cancel at the last minute.  A BIG thank you to Layna who agreed to babysit with less than 10 hours notice!  Saddest part of the day was my cousin Carla was transferred to the Hospice House in Omaha.  This is Mr. Workman's long day with college class so when he got home at 10pm, I was exhausted.

Wednesday:  Was THE immigration appointment for Nate.  It went well, but no answers were reached so time continues to tick on when we could be forced to return him to Haiti.  Everyone tells us not to worry because its being worked on, but nothing seems to be happening!  As a cherry on the top of the day, Mr. Workman messed up his substitute plans for the day!  I knew I had let home stresses get to him to have something like this happen!  BUT we did get our car from the garage with cash and Grace's team WON their game today.

Carla & I around 1975

Thursday:  My cousin Carla passed away.  When you have a large family, you have members who everyone knows because they are a friend to everyone, they value family connections and they are at reunions and gatherings.  Then you have others that only their immediate family know.  Carla is one that everyone in our large family knew and loved.  Her obituary written by her nieces does a great job of explaining the wonderful life Carla lived.  The sadness is overwhelming...  (Grace got her cavity filled today and her team WON again.  Mr. Workman had parent teacher conferences tonight & it was a half day at school AND 6 months ago I agreed to speak at a Springfield HR group luncheon today.  I ran behind all day, but got it all done thanks to Sis. Anderson's help with my kiddos.  Finally, got the kids to bed and worked on taxes until Mr. Workman got home.  Not my best work today, but the day is done and sometimes that has to be good enough.)

Friday:  The kids are out of school and I was exhausted already.  I made spaghetti & meatballs for lunch in hopes of leftovers for supper....wrong!  The kids ate 60 of 64 meatballs and 4 of the 5 pounds of pasta for lunch!  Overall fun day with the kids.  We played, but they also entertained each other so I could get some of my work caught up.  They were SO good overall.

Today:  This morning we learned that Hannah's special education teacher, Bonnie Gary, had a brain tumor discovered yesterday and it is being removed today.  We are asking friends to add her to their personal & church prayer lists.

For this God is our God for ever and ever:
he will be our guide even unto death.--Psalms 48:14

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